Jul 20, 2010

Cloth Diaper Wipes- 4 Great reasons to make the switch!

Cloth Diaper Wipes are the Perfect Partner to Cloth Diapers

You'll love using cloth diaper wipes for all the reasons you love your cloth diapers! They're softer on your babies skin, chemical free and will save you money! Need more reasons to make the switch to cloth diaper wipes? Keep reading!

Cloth Diaper Wipes are Softer on your babies skin!

Cloth diaper wipes are made out of soft flannel, fuzzy velour, luxurious sherpa and looped terry. Cloth diaper wipes pamper your child's tender skin. Disposable wipes can be rough, and are made from plastic pellets and chemicals!

Cloth diaper wipes are also perfect for cleaning up those messy faces, runny noses and sticky fingers! Nothing is too messy for cloth diaper wipes to clean up!

Cloth diaper wipes come in several sizes: 5X7's are the perfect fit for your wipes warmer or recycled disposables box. The larger 8X8 size just needs to be folded in half to fit, but handles bigger messes! Just fill your old disposables box, wipes warmer or even an old margarine

container with wipes and add some water or wipes solution, and you're ready to go!

Cloth Diaper Wipes are Easy to use

It is easier to use cloth diaper wipes with cloth diapers than to use disposable wipes. Simply wet your cloth wipe with plain water or cloth wipe solution for a comfortable, effective way to clean up. What do you do with them after they are soiled? Just toss them into the diaper pail with the dirty diaper. No more sorting through that dirty diaper to throw disposable wipes in the garbage! Wash your cloth wipes with your cloth diapers. Cloth

diaper wipes will fit in your recycled disposable wipe container, recycled margarine container, or even Tupperware. Cant find a container? No problem! You can also wet your wipes as you need them.

Cloth Diaper Wipes Save you Money

Not only are cloth diaper wipes soft and easy to use, you'll save money by switching from disposable to cloth! When you throw away disposable wipes, you're throwing away your money. Many families spend over $100.00/month on disposables and wipes! Many disposable wipes are so thin that you need to use two or three at a time - more money being thrown away. Cloth diaper wipes are washed and reused to save money, and will usually last through more than one child. Thick enough to handle the messiest of cloth diaper changes, cloth diaper wipes remain soft wash after wash.

Cloth Diaper Wipes are Chemical Free

Cloth diaper wipes are better for your child's delicate skin than disposable wipes! Cloth diaper wipes are made from natural hemp, cotton and bamboo, and only have the ingredients you add to them. Disposable wipes contain chemical ingredients such as preservatives, surfactants, artificial fragrance and parabens. And those cloth like fibres are actually melted plastic pellets! To learn more about the chemicals that go into them and how disposable wipes are made check out e-notes.

A note about home made wipes solutions and recipes:

You need to use caution when home made wipes solutions call for commercial products (like baby wash or shampoo). Shampoo and Baby Wash manufacturers are not required to list every ingredient contained in their product(s). Unfortunately, many commercial products do leave out the fact that their shampoo or baby wash contains phthalates (as surfactants). Which have the potential to cause reproductive problems/cancers and can be quite toxic. It is highly recommended that you check the ingredients list on any product you intend to use on your littles ones delicate skin and research those ingredients.

Stay tuned for our entry on wipe solutions you can buy!

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