Jun 29, 2010

The Rockin’ Green Ticket Event!

We've added Rockin Green to our lineup, and just in time for this great anniversary contest!

buttonforwebsiteJuly marks the 1 year anniversary of Rockin’ Green! It has been an AMAZING year, and we feel so blessed to have such a fantastic fan base. Seriously, our customers ROCK!!! So in honor of you guys- we have cooked up a really fun anniversary giveaway blowout.

Here’s all the details:

Throughout the month of July, we are going to be putting special concert tickets inside specially marked packages. There will be 50 tickets in all, and we will then distribute them through our various channels. So, you may find a ticket in a bag in our store, for sale on our website or at one of our retailers! We don’t even know where they will end up!

Once you find a ticket, you can then contact us OR your favorite retailer to redeem your prize. Each bag is a chance to win (though there are other ways to enter too- so check the terms and conditions below) and the contest is open to all US and Canada residents.

The specially marked bags will start landing on your favorite retailers shelf in a week or two, so be on the lookout!

Here’s a list of the prizes that will be available:

• One Grand Prize winner receives a year supply of Rockin’ Green (12 bags worth)
• 100 dollar store credit to be used at your favorite Rockin’ Green retailer!
• 10 full size bags of Rockin’ Green – one per winner
• 25 sample size bags of Rockin’ Green – one per winner
• 9 Shake It Up! Pail Freshners – one per winner
• 5 Buddha Bunz Dryer Balls – one per winner

And there are even more surprises in store! We will also be giving away a bag of soap here on the blog, so to enter tweet the following “Check out the @RockinGreenSoap Green Ticket Event- for a YEAR’s worth of soap! http://www.rockingreensoap.com” or update your facebook status to say “Check out the Rockin’ Green Ticket Event- for a YEAR’s worth of laundry soap! http://www.rockingreensoap.com” and leave a comment here to be entered for the bonus bags.

Have fun!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO WIN, for official rules and details click here.

Gabriel's Picks #3- FuzziBunz®

A quick recap for those who are new to Gabriel's Picks:
Gabriel is the youngest Moms and Bums family member. Born at 34 weeks and 5lbs 3oz, Gabriel needed some special small diapers. Gabriel's Picks goes through some of our favorite preemie and newborn diapers on the market today. In the first edition we discussed Bummis Preemie Prefolds and Super Brite Covers. In the second edition we discussed the new Tini Fit and Easy Fit from Tots Bots. This edition will discuss FuzziBunz® Extra Small and One Size Pocket Cloth Diapers.

FuzziBunz® are pocket diapers made by Mother of Eden. If you are not familiar with pocket diapers, here is a quick rundown for you.

All pocket diapers have the same basic construction: an inside wicking layer (for the "stay-dry" feeling), an absorbent insert and an outside waterproof layer. These layers can be made up of different materials, but in the case of FuzziBunz® they are microfleece, microfibre and PUL (polyurethane laminate- they have taken fabric and laminated it so it is waterproof). These are also the most common materials for pocket diapers.

We love to use pocket diapers when we are out and about for a few reasons, but here are the main two:
1. They are less bulky in the diaper bag, so for a quick trip to the store it means I can throw a couple diapers (one for Gabriel and one for Aubrey) in a small bag and be set. For those of you who are new moms, we once left the house without a diaper bag for a quick trip to the store with our oldest. About 10 minutes into our shopping Kiera decided to have a huge poop, needless to say we have never left the house without a bag again!
2. They go on quicker than prefolds and in one step. If you have ever tried to diaper a squirming baby on one of those fold out changing tables, you know you want something quick and easy!

With an average sizing of 4-12lbs we found the XS FuzziBunz® were a great pocket during those first few months when not much else fit our little man. Gabriel was just over 5lbs when we started using our FuzziBunz®. Even tough the One Size is rated for newborns and not preemies, with the button hole elastics to adjust the sizing, we found it worked just as well as the XS for us. The One Size comes with 2 inserts, one for smaller and one for larger settings. For preemie sizing we used a smaller insert, as the small one that comes with it was just too bulky!
The XS FuzziBunz® differ slightly from the other perfect sized FuzziBunz® in that they do not have the extra row of leg snaps. With a 6'6" dad Gabriel is tall for his age, and at 10lbs 9oz the rise just wasn't long enough anymore, and plumber bum just doesn't mix with breastmilk poops!

We have had to adjust the sizing on the One Size a few times and have sized up on the insert to the small that comes with it, but at 12lbs 13oz and 4 months old it is still going strong! Definitely worth every penny! Check out the video below made by FuzziBunz demonstrating the use of their One Size. When you adjust your One Size for the first time be sure to adjust one button at a time! I blame it on sleep deprivation, but this Mama unbuttoned both ends and accidentally pulled the elastic right out! I can say this- replacing the elastics will be a very simple job!
Visit us for great deals on discontinued colors.

Jun 7, 2010

Gabriel's Picks #2- The Tini/Easy Fit

Made in Scotland by Tots Bots the Tini Fit hit the market in North America only a few months ago... just in time for our little tester to enjoy the soft bamboo rayon against his tiny tush. Their innovative design couples a pocket diaper with an all in one. The pocket insert is attached to the diaper, so you never need to figure out which insert belongs with which diaper when it comes out of the wash.
Their design also allows for the insert to agitate out on its own in the wash, so there is no need to unstuff prior to laundering. In our family that is a huge plus! Nothing is more annoying than for me than taking the load of diapers out of the drier only to find a balled up insert down in the bottom of the pocket diaper.
We found the extra insert that comes with the Tini fit wasn't necessary unless we were planning to use it overnight, or on a long car trip.
This is the first pocket velcro cloth diaper we have used where the laundry tabs actually stayed closed in the wash. Even after 2 months of use they are lint free and still look like the first day we used them.
We found the Tini Fit to be true to its sizing (5-12lbs) and although we might have been able to get away with it a little while longer Gabriel at 12 lbs 8 oz and 4 months old (10 weeks corrected) was beginning to have a bit of plumber butt (even as a prem he is at 75% on the chart for his height). So we have moved up to the Tini Fits big brother- The Easy Fit. Matt gives the Tini/Easy Fit the Daddy's Choice approval for ease of use and laundering. It is always the first one he grabs!