Jan 26, 2009

Raising Green Kids- Finding Green Toys

With the BPA ban in Childrens products in Canada and the growing green movement, it has become much easier to find toys that fit the environmentally friendly lifestyle. Keep these points in mind on your search for Green Toys:

Natural Materials: It has become easier to find items made from solid wood and non-toxic finishes. For babies and toddlers look for stuffed toys made from organic cotton, puzzles and pull along toys made from solid wood and non-toxic paints.

Energy Consumption: Look for toys that are well-made and durable. The fewer toys you need to replace, the fewer toys end up in a landfill. Try to find toys that don't require batteries, or are driven by an alternative energy (solar power, wind up).

Imagination: Search for things that will boost your child's imagination. Playing dress up with ecofriendly clothes or secondhand clothes, playing with legos or building blocks. You can use an old cardboard box to create hours of playtime. Have you child help you decorate it.

Go local: Find local businesses who manufacture or sell toys. Supporting local businesses reduces energy costs on transportation of goods to the business and to you.

Where to shop for Green Toys:
Moms & Bums
Growing Up Green

Company Spotlight:
RiNGLEY is the original Canadian natural teether that combines two efficient teething tools: untreated Maple wood and 100% organic cotton terrycloth. These materials provide two very different textures that enable children to satisfy their teething needs. Made free from dye and without harmful chemicals. RiNGLEY provides babies and toddlers with two safe and efficient textures that enable children to satisfy their teething needs.

RiNGLEY's design allows your child to easily grip the ring and cloth. It can be used wet or dry and easily reaches around a child's gums and teeth.

RiNGLEY was designed by a Child Life Specialist and Mom with a child's development in mind. Since infants learn through tactile stimulus, touching and putting things in their mouths, the need for a product made without harmful chemicals and dyes is important. RiNGLEY is an organic and natural toy for babies to chew and teethe on.

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